“This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of his oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the alien, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place.” Jeremiah 22:3

“The Social Contract is, primarily, an inquiry into the legitimacy of power.” Albert Camus, The Rebel Let’s talk about The Social Contract

https://www.iep.utm.edu/soc-cont/#:~:text=Social%20contract%20theory%2C%20nearly%20as,society%20in%20which%20they%20live. “Social contract theory, nearly as old as philosophy itself, is the view that persons’ moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement among them to form the society in which they live. “


Carrot: K-pop fans and how they are helping the fight https://www.insider.com/kpop-trump-tulsa-rally-hashtags-fancams-donations-activism-online-stan-2020-6

Stick: the killer’s of Breonan Taylor’s Killers are still walking free: https://www.nytimes.com/article/breonna-taylor-police.html