First how did we get to the hearings:

Nancy Pelosi Calls for ‘9/11-Type Commission’ To Address Capitol Security

Pelosi’s push for 9/11-style Capitol riot commission stalls in political quicksand

Why Republicans Are Resisting A Jan. 6 Commission

What is a 9-11 style commission?  Wikipedia – 9/11 Commission

Pelosi to offer even split on 9/11-style commission to probe Capitol riot

What Speaker Pelosi was up against:

GOP Rep. claims Jan. 6 Capitol riot looked like ‘normal tourist visit’

Jan. 6 Commission Fails In Senate Following GOP Opposition

So we went with a select commission

Speaker Pelosi Will Establish Committee To Probe Jan. 6 Riot

But the GOP plays games:

Nancy Pelosi Says Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Can’t Serve On Jan. 6 Committee

Trump allies Jordan and Banks were ‘ridiculous’ choices for Jan. 6 commission, Pelosi says

McCarthy threatens to pull choices for Jan. 6 committee after Pelosi rejects Jordan, Banks

So we get to the hearings:

Watch Live: House Committee Holds First Hearing On January 6th Capitol Attack

At the same time the GOP “best and brightest” held a presser outside the DOJ and went as well as you expected.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz Forced From Stage by Protesters

Official DOD Timeline for Jan. 6th attacks:

Carrot: GOP tells its voters and followers to get the vaccine, let’s hope it isn’t too late and they will listen

Republicans urge supporters to embrace vaccines in abrupt shift of tone

Stick:  Newsmax’s Greg Kelly tells his followers that the officers that testified yesterday shouldn’t be on the police force, so much for Back the Blue. Jason Campbell on Twitter: “Newsmax’s most popular host, attacking police officers… “