Rev. Barney and NineOf12 talk about the radicalization of american discourse.

What is radicalization?

“Radicalization is when someone accepts or believes in ideas that are considered extreme or outside the status quo when someone becomes radicalized, they are so committed to their extreme beliefs that they can’t accept the fact that other people believe different things.” From Mary Beth Altier, a professor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs and an expert in political violence.

Relevant to the Q Phenomenon:

–for recruiting “decoders”

History of Faith in politics:


A poll from this week

Of course the best source for groups is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ok so what do you do?

Carrot: number 1: teens 12-15 will be able to get vaccinated soon!

Number 2: free lunches for kids in school until 2022: