Rev. Barney and NineOf12 discuss our responsibility as human beings, to be good stewards of our environment.

Heat Wave in PNW is more than just odd heat wave. It has a very high human cost

Oregon Governor Says Too Many Lives Lost During Record-Breaking Heat Wave

The Heat dome causes days of 110+ temps.

Portland records all-time high temperature of 116, setting new record for third day in a row.

Scientist says this is a once in a 1000 year event, but we have been having a good amount of those lately: What is a heat dome? Where is it right now? How long will it last? –

Meanwhile either we set the Ocean on fire or the some Eldritch Horror is rising from the ocean: Burst pipeline causes bubbling, steaming “eye of fire” to emerge in the Gulf of Mexico

So what about policy: the House Dems pass a bill to address some of these problems: House Passes Infrastructure Bill

But here is what is coming down the pike for bipartisanship: What it does for Clean energy and moving us off fossil fuels: FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Carrot: Walmart helping customers that can’t afford live saving meds with their own brand of insulin. Walmart Unveils Low-Priced Insulin to Diabetes Patients Who Can’t Easily Afford it

Stick: White Supremacists march in the birth place of nation before the 4th arrests followed. White Supremacists March in Philadelphia on the Eve of July 4th

Some Questioning Why Philadelphia Police ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’ As White Supremacists Marched Through Center City