So We’re Home Alone, Now What? – Episode 38

Rev. Barney delivers a sermon during the Covid – 19 Pandemic.

5 lessons for using universal basic income during a pandemic

Remote Work Advocates Warn Companies About COVID-19 Work-From-Home Strategies  (I want talk about this a bit pros cons of us moving more to this a whole not just work but school as well)

Just Stop:

Super Tuesday Sermon – Episode 36

Rev. Barney reflects on Super Tuesday

Young voters not showing up

African American Voters in the south Help Joe

Carrot: Scotland Poised To Become 1st Country To Make Period Products Free

Stick:  Anti Milk protester

Talking Across The Aisle – Episode 30

“Family is God’s way of teaching you how to talk to someone that you would normally cross the street to avoid” – Unknown 

Rev. Barney have a discussion about how to engage in civil discourse when engaging with folks you disagree with, and why it’s worth it.

Carrot: Stacey Abrams

Stick: This little shit: