Rev. Barney and NineOf12 discuss the “Defund the police” movement and what it really means.

What it isn’t:

Why does Moundsville WV need a MRAP armored vehicle?

What it is:

When it works:

Pros and Cons:

John Oliver:

Carrot: All those that wear Masks and speak up to those not wearing a mask. You are daily heroes because we are having to normalize mask wearing no matter what or we will be stuck in this cycle of people getting sick. As of July 7 2020 we have over 3.03 Millions that have been infected. We need this end this now! You champions of Mask wearing thank you!
Stick:  J.K. Rowling showing her TERF colors and giving her million of followers false informations about trans people, Trans women are women, Trans Men are Men.